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Course Policies 1. Speech outlines must be handed in on the dates assigned on BOTH blackboard on safeAssign by 11:59 PM and a hard copy in class that day. There will be a 10-point deduction for either one not being turned in on time. If I do not have your speech outline by 11:59 PM the day your outline is due, you will receive a 0 for the speech. 2. Speeches must be given on the assigned days unless you have made prior arrangements with the instructor before that day. Students who fail to show up for their speech without contacting the instructor will receive a 20 point deduction from their speech grade. Again, you will receive a 0 if the outline is not turned in on the assigned day and you cannot give the speech until the outline is turned in to me. 3. If you are tardy, it is your responsibility to see me after class to make sure I have you down for attendance. Being tardy three times will result in one absence. DO NOT walk in on another student giving a speech if you are late!!
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