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DEADLINE TO TURN IN YOUR VERIFICATION FORM IS NOVEMBER 19 TH . YOU MUST TURN IN THE VERIFICATION TO RECEIVE CREDIT!!!! Outside Communication Activity: This assignment allows each student to view communication in action. You are required to participate in ONE of the following activities. The assignment is worth 30 points of your total grade. You may not participate in more than one assignment to earn extra points, because there is no extra credit offered in COM 114. Please remember that some of the opportunities to participate expire before the end of the semester. If you do not complete this activity early in the semester, you may lose your opportunity to earn the points allocated to this assignment. Option One: Participation in a research study that is administered through the Department of Communication’s Research Participation System. This activity allows you the ability to participate in an ongoing research project here at Purdue. The assignment allows you to see how we develop the
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