08RespirationFQ - energy from this oxidation harvested...

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Focus Questions: Respiration 1.  If the catabolism of glucose is highly exergonic, how come glucose does not blow up in our  cabinets? 2.  What is the relationship between the catabolism of glucose and photosynthesis?   3.   What is glycolysis?  What do we mean when we refer to the priming reactions?  Where in the  cell does glycolysis occur?  What is the final product of glycolysis? 4.  What is substrate level phosphorylation?  Does this occur during the oxidation of glucose?  Is this  the only way organisms produce ATP?  Does this occur during photosynthesis and/or respiration? 5.  What is the fate of pyruvate and what controls the next step in this process? 6.  What steps are necessary for the complete catabolism of glucose?  Where do they occur?  Is the 
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Unformatted text preview: energy from this oxidation harvested directly in the form of ATP? 7. What is the Krebs cycle and what is its role in the oxidation of glucose? 8. What is the role of oxygen in the catabolism of glucose? 9. What evidence do we have for the role of proton gradients in the creation of ATP? 10. What is fermentation? Why do organisms ferment? What is the energy yield of fermentation? What are some fermentation products? David H. Bos (2010). This material can be used for non-profit educational purposes, if properly attributed. All other uses are prohibited unless written permission is granted....
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08RespirationFQ - energy from this oxidation harvested...

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