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Exam I Biology 110 – Fall 2010 Dr. David H. Bos INSTRUCTIONS:   The use of calculators, cell phones or other electronic devices is not allowed  during the exam.  There are  34  questions on this exam. There is only one correct answer for each  question.   Read each question carefully and choose the best answer.   Do not fill in multiple  answers, as they will be marked incorrect. Turn in only the answer sheet when you are done. You  may keep the exam. Take your time, think and good luck! 1. Which electrons have the highest energy level? a. The ones furthest from the nucleus b. The ones closest to the nucleus c. The electrons on a positively charged ion d. The electrons on a negatively charged ion e. Electrons all have the same energy level 2. What must an electron do to move further away from the nucleus? a. Participate in a redox reaction b. Release extra energy c. Absorb energy d. Increase its electronegativity e. Nothing—electrons cannot move further or nearer to the nucleus 3. Which of these is the basis for covalent bonding? a. The formation of ions b. Redox reactions c. Changes in pH d. The attraction of covalently bonded hydrogen to a partial negative charge on another molecule e. The sharing of electrons 4. What is the electronegativity of nitrogen? a. 3.5 b. 2.5 c. 3.0 d. 2.1 e. 0.9 5. In a hydrogen bond, hydrogen will be attracted to: a. An oxygen or nitrogen from the same molecule that the hydrogen is part of b. An acid c. An atom with low electronegativity that is part of another molecule d. An atom with high electronegativity that is part of another molecule e. A base 1
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6. The sulfhydryl functional group consists of sulfur (electronegativity = 2.5) bonded to hydrogen. What type of bond joins these elements? a.
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110%20Exam1%20F10%20Blue%20Key - Exam I Biology 110 Fall...

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