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04HormonesHomeoFQ - 4 What are autocrine/paracrine...

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Focus Questions: Hormones and Homeostasis 1.   What is homeostasis? What are the five main ways of accomplishing cellular communication and  how would each be characterized?   2. What are the characteristics of all signaling molecules? What are hormones and how do they  relate to the endocrine system? What are tropic hormones?  3.  What types of hormones are known and how are these classified? What do we know about how  they travel through the blood stream and the types of receptors they bind to? 
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What are autocrine/paracrine regulators and how can we distinguish them from hormones? What are common paracrine regulators and what do they do? 5. What are the main control centers for the endocrine system? What is a negative feedback loop and how does it work? David H. Bos (2011). This material can be used for non-profit educational purposes, if properly attributed. All other uses are prohibited unless written permission is granted....
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