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Focus Questions: Development 1. What is the role of cleavage in development?  What do we call the embryo at the end of the  process, and what does it look like?  What properties do the cells produced during this stage  have? 2. What are stem cells?  What types of stem cells are there and what are their characteristics? 3. What is a morphogen and what do they do? What types of morphogens are there?  What is a  cytoplasmic determinant and how is it related to the process of cleavage in developing cells?  What is inductive agent and how does induction work?   4. What does it mean to say that a cell is differentiated?  How is that differentiation different from 
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Unformatted text preview: determination? 5. What are the overall results of the process of pattern formation? What genes are responsible for pattern formation and the development that follows? What are HOX genes and what is their role in pattern formation? 6. What is the process of morphogenesis? Give two example of morphogenesis from lecture. David H. Bos (2011). This material can be used for non-profit educational purposes, if properly attributed. All other uses are prohibited unless written permission is granted....
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