Extra Credit-Rubri - Please give at least 2-3 day notice of event for approval Each extra credit assignment is worth up to 10 points(if it is

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AGR 201 Communications Across Cultures Extra Credit Guidelines During the semester, extra credit opportunities are available to you. Note that extra credit assignments are entirely voluntary; students are not required to participate in extra credit assignments. Points earned for extra credit are in addition to the base 1000 possible points that can be earned during this course. You can receive up to 50 points extra credit in this course. There will be several opportunities throughout the semester to attend and or participate in cultural presentations and seminars on and around campus and the community. Prior approval of the event is required by your Lab Facilitator. Simply e-mail or talk with Lab Facilitator about the event and give the title, date, location, etc… of the event(s).
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Unformatted text preview: Please give at least 2-3 day notice of event for approval . Each extra credit assignment is worth up to 10 points (if it is thoughtful and well-written). A required 2 page minimum of analyzing, critiquing, and reflecting on the special event as well as your personal experience/reaction to the event will be required. All papers must be submitted within one week after event or it will NOT be accepted . Since you may receive up to 50 points (worth 10 points each), you can submit 5 papers during the semester. Send your extra credit assignments to your Lab Instructor when they are complete. All extra credit assignments must be completed two weeks prior to dead week of that semester. If you have any questions, please ask your lab instructor....
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