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i Read Me First Introduction Welcome to BIOL 111. This is the first of a two-semester series called Fundamentals of Biology. This course is primarily designed for students of the College of Agriculture and the School of Health Sciences who require a rigorous introduction to biology, but who are not biology majors. The vast majority of students consider this is a difficult and challenging course, but one that is rewarding for the interested student. Read Me First This document serves as the course syllabus. A student who has a question about organization, schedule, expectations, resources, or assessment in the course should carefully consult this document before seeking to obtain information from any other source. That is why it is called “Read Me First.” Course Personnel: The main office for Biology 111 is in BRWN 3107. There, you can find offices for course personnel you may interact with on a regular basis: Melissa Roadruck, course secretary ( [email protected] ) 494-8526 Dr. Mark Browning, lab coordinator ( [email protected] ) 494-8107 Dr. David Bos, course coordinator and instructor ( [email protected] ) 494-8528 Course Organization Lecture: There are two lectures each week, and they are designed to introduce you to a broad range of topics and to help clarify and teach difficult concepts. The lecture consists of ALL the information provided to you in class, not just the text on the lecture slides. You do not need to take your textbook to lecture, but you do need to take your iClicker because we will use those in class as a learning tool. iClicker questions will not be for assessment (grades) but are for practice and you will get credit for simply participating. Due to space limitations, please attend your assigned lecture. Laboratory: Dr. Browning is responsible for all features of the laboratory portion of the course. Laboratory sessions are in Wetherill 313 and 317. You have been scheduled for one 2-hour session each week by the registrar. Different laboratories are designed to accomplish different objectives: some teach more descriptive aspects of biology in a
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ii way that makes things concrete for you, and still others give you a hands-on sense of how experiments reveal answers to biological questions. Recitation In addition to a lecture and lab section, you are also assigned to a TA-lead recitation. During recitation you will primarily review materials from lecture. Also, during recitations students are quizzed on lecture and laboratory material, and/or will participate in answering group discussion problems. Help Sessions The course also includes three optional help session (aka PSO) each week. These are the perfect place to get your questions answered about lecture material. Although students are registered for a specific PSO each week, students may attend any PSO that fits their schedule. Dr. Bos normally conducts the PSOs, but during the week of a lab practical exam, the help session pertains to lab material and is conducted by Dr. Browning.
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readme - Read Me First Introduction Welcome to BIOL 111...

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