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AGR 201 – Communicating Across Cultures Reflection Rubric The “Reflection” is a continuously updated record of your personal response to all things related to this course and in line with your Group Cultural Immersion Project. The reflection is intended to encourage and assist you by allowing you to reflect on your experiences while working on all facets of your project and with your team members. To complete the reflection properly you will need to continually think about what you are doing in your projects and how they relate to the course. As well, commentary about why you are doing certain things as well as how are pertinent. From a practical perspective, your reflection will also allow your Lab Facilitator to monitor the progress of your projects and provide immediate feedback throughout your cultural immersion experience. Retrospection (looking back) and introspection (looking within yourself) are important, because they encourage you to actively participate in the learning experience. Learning about yourself, and about your own thinking
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