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SCAN0013 - What is the 95 CL for the lifetime of a light...

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Unformatted text preview: What is the 95% CL for the lifetime of a light bulb? We cannot measure true pop. mean u or pop. deviation 6 We determine sample meanTand sample dev. SX CI expression says “true mean u is likely to lie in certain distance from measured mean? 7= 8452 hrs 3x = 942 hrs, n=60 and n,=1ooo 3x = 47.1 hrs, n=’1000 Using Statistics to Compare Data - Q test for bad data - F test for comparable 3 between data sets - T test to compare a data set —vs. a known standard — vs. another data set — vs. another method Case 1. T—test to compare a data set to a known standard A coal sample was certified to contain 3.19 wt% sulfur. A new analytical methamwhich you are testing. give! you 129,312, 3.30, and 3.23 wt% sulfur. Does your analyris agree with the certified results at 95% level of confidence? XL tw=| S NJ; x 1ft“, > ta“, then the result is different from the known value at the 95% level of confidence. The chance that you have made a mistake is < 5% ...
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