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SCAN0009 - Extension to a Digrotic System HZA<2 H HA...

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Unformatted text preview: Extension to a Digrotic System HZA <2 H++ HA' , Kl [IA' o H‘ + A1» , K: F = [HZA] + [HA'] + [Al-1 Denominator =Z = [H‘]2 + [H‘]K1 + Kz-Ki me = [W]2 E as [H+]I<;1 /z a1= K2.Kl/Z Knowing the pH and dissocialjan constants, we can readily‘ calculate the composition of a polyprou'c acid! Titration Curves A plot of pH versus titrant added gives a titration curve. Titration curves provide more information on the chemical system than traditional end— pomt titrations: pH - Nature of reactants ~ Equilibrium constants - Choice of indicators (fig 12.4, page 273) Note regions of the curve critical for pH calculations. A Strong Acid vs A Strong Base Example: 10.00 mL 0.050 M HCl with 0.025 M NaOH: HCl + NaOH —-> NaCl + H20 Note: - At 0.00 mL NaOH added. Before equivalent point. At equivalent point 21120 c> my + OH' After equivalent point. Examples in text, ...
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