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Practices - f“,1“ Answers to Practice Quiz(Section 2.2...

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Unformatted text preview: f“. ,1“ Answers to Practice Quiz (Section 2.2) 3 - l. liniw/Z 1 lolfl‘l a. f (1) is undefined ‘3 0.66667 b. The function has a limit as x approaches 1, but is not defined at x = 1. 2. Definintion: The limit of g(x) , as x approaches 2, is- 3. Explanation: g(x) gets closer and closer to— 3 as x gets closer and closer to 2. Or: The values of g(x) can be made as close to- 3 as we like by taking x sufficiently close to 2 (but x‘é, 2). a. Yes b. Yes 0. Yes (1. No (See definition 1, page 99) PDF created with pdfFactory trial version wwgdffactomcom ...
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