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SCAN0002 - Introduction to Maple Maple has an extensive...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Maple Maple has an extensive catalog of mathematical operations along with sample formats that can be used. Example: If you want to know how to use Maple to solve an equation, type ?solve then press [enter]. Here are some commands that you can try. Pay particular attention to the format of each command. 1. NUMERICAL EVALUATIONS Pi evalf(Pi) evalf(Pi,500) sqrt(2) sqrt(2.) _ , J5 [You will find the square root symbol from the Expression drop down menu. Use the right arrow key to move the cursor outside of the radical symbol] Ji 2. EXPANDING AN EXPRESSION (a + (7)7 [Use a shift 6 key to type the exponent. Use the right arrow key to move the cursor to the right] expand( (a + b)7) [Use the right arrow to move the cursor from the exponent position] 3. F ACTORIN G AN EXPRESSION factor (x3 — 3x2 — 4x +12) factor (x5 +x4 —l6x—16) 4. EQUATION SOLVING solve(2 x2 ~ 2x — 16 = O,x) [Note: exact answers] evalf(%) [This command will give the numerical evaluation of the last output] solve (x4 — 6x3 + 1 1x2 + 12x — 26 = O, x) [Notez real and complex solutions] evalf(%) ...
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