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SCAN0009 - /” 4(10 points A small aircraft has a required...

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Unformatted text preview: ./”\ 4. (10 points) A small aircraft has a required lift-off speed of 120 km/h. What minimum constant acceleration does this require if the aircraft is to be airborne after a take—off run of 240 m? [20‘9be- l-Jgfh‘lllgwsl : 353ml; 5. (10 points) A student simultaneously throws two stones from the top edge of a building that is 20 m high. The first one is thrown straight down with a speed of 20 m/s and the second one is thrown straight up with a speed of 20 m/s. If the first stone hits the ground at time t, how much later is it before the second stone hits? ‘Jc =—b:\}b2-Llao 20m . Q 2 “Odom 2a g \lfqoc 26Ml3 Slf/M 0m OzZOmv-Zaml 3t — VZ (qgmigz){2 «WWW Ll-‘ltthothO t=~gni zazwcséétawo Wm SWWO ‘ . t= 0+ Qatari/MEI O=20mt20mls ~V2C98ml§>f‘% 2 ‘”‘ (a; A [Mi Mam/st 40:0 {2 = 9:525 ...
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