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SCAN0013 - 2 A 4.0 kg mass is attached to a spring that has...

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Unformatted text preview: 2. A 4.0 kg mass is attached to a spring that has a spring constant, k = 2500 N/m, and is resting on a frictionless horizontal surface. The spring is stretched by pulling on the mass until the amount of potential energy in the spring is 4.5 J. The block is then released and oscillates in simple harmonic motion. a. (5 points) What is the amplitude of the oscillation? b. (5 points) What is the maximum velocity of the block? 0. (5 points) How long does it take for the block to go from maximum spring length to minimum spring length? d. (5 points) What is the velocity of the mass when it is 1.5 cm from the spring’s equilibrium point? a. 2d L42 45.}: (2560/42;£/,5’: z % ' J [25041 ...
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