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SCAN0015 - SOLum-xmb‘ $0‘c Pacts [email protected] nu FALL...

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Unformatted text preview: SOLum-xmb‘ $0‘c Pacts Sta-rut?! @ms nu FALL 0‘? 1. A pitcher pitches a baseball of mass 0.20 kg. The baseball arrives at home plate with a speed of 40 m/s and is batted directly back to the pitcher with a return speed of 50 , m/s. a. What is the magnitude of the change of momentum of the baseball? g b. If the bat remains in contact with the ball for 0.12 5, what is the average force of the bat on the ball? ___ ,_ I “’0 ® 1)— (U—o: HOW/S (“‘2 bOW‘S 0“ A? = m(w_ny° 2 0.10( Siovquoy) 2. V A 0.5kg rubber ball is dropped from a height of 3.0 m above a hard concrete floor. After striking the floor the ball bounces up to a height of 2.0 m above thefloor. . The ball was in contact with the floor for 0.053. a. Calculate the change in momentum (impulse) of the ball during the interaction with the floor. b Calculate the magnitude of the average force of the floor on the ball during the I (“E ®~ interaction. 9“ If," a. AP: ’ m(<\r Iv) ‘ “U: 31‘8“ \n: 2 > "0": item: GiCom/s \rzfiz‘cdxn “:3 :> «\ygwmnfl KIM/S .1 AP 1’ ‘3( (o ”2.0 «— G7 (07$: ‘5 We (Sm/5! Y Q :' A? (O qca W At. :‘ 0.05 ‘ ...
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