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SCAN0008 - What is the total distance traveled by the...

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Unformatted text preview: What is the total distance traveled by the walker? What is the vector displacement of the walker during the walk? /fl_\ 7. A walker walks east for 1500 m, north for 1000 m and then northwest (midway ’ between north and west) for 750 m before stopping to rest. The walker walks at an average speed of 1.5 m/s. 8 What is the elapsed time for the walk? What is the walker’s average velocity during the walk? 9 . .3. .3 :2. ‘ 3' 2i &fiqFL:A +ea+o ~w~>wfi W D = \soow 20mm 783mm: 3 50m ‘ r \SOUm _:70‘{T"i ”112%: \SOC’H O--5?>C>=Cl't3m5 , 7?. XrC‘) gtlwfif? 91.0.65» A: (2.0i -1.5j)m and B=(-4.0i+ 2.5j)m 3. Calculate the magnitude of A and the magnitude of B. b. Write the sum of A + B in unit vector form. c. Calculate the magnitude of ( A -J- B ). (1. Compare the magnitude of (A + B) with the magnitude of A + the magnitude of -g ,2 t m A ...
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