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SCAN0011 - /j 3 A ball is rolled horizontally off a table...

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Unformatted text preview: ,/j. 3. A ball is rolled horizontally off a table with an initial speed of 2. 4 m/s. A stop watch measures the ball’s trajectory time from table to floor to be 0.30 s. a. How far away from the bottom of the table does the ball land? ‘ b. How high is the table top above the floor? c. What IS the speed of the ball just before it hits the floor? mm... “WMNM aaaaa aD= 514% 2Lumtsoa>~t012mira12g$2:% WM- mag." i bat. éarflifii 4 An airplane has a speed of 225 mi/h at an altitude of 1200 ft. The airplane 1s diving at an angle of 20 degrees below the horizontal when a relief package 1s released. (Note. g: 32.2 ft/s2 in English units) 2 a: : How long is the package in the air? b. What is the horizontal distance from the release point to the impact point on the ground? 0. What is the speed of the package just before it hits the ground? —\Lo ngmr Ham (:3 49 V0316 t“): w 534““...me 8. «1a.. Nw' b horizontal Clieiaflai C 2 5,3] ; 330L530CCOSZC): to 300226 Vx = \I C088 _.._W . _, Q C. V = 334300390 station/S ...
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