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SCAN0034 - ” 7 A 3.50 g bullet is fired horizontally at...

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Unformatted text preview: ”\ 7. A 3.50 g bullet is fired horizontally at two blocks resting on a smooth surface. The bullet passes through the first block, with mass 1.20 kg and embeds itself in the second block, with mass 1.80 kg. The first block has a velocity of 0.630 m/s after the bullet passes through it. The second block has a velocity of 1.40 m/s with the bullet embedded in it. Neglect the mass removed from the first block as the bullet passes through. What is the initial speed of the bullet? ,ca 55 K3 “we, W, U \‘ f .WW 0.0035ng5 =0.ZC)Z(95) +LwBStAEJZ/vfl 8. An atomic nucleus initially moving at 420 m/s emits an alpha particle in the direction of its velocity and the remaining nucleus slows to 350 m/s. If the alpha particle has a mass of 4.0 u and the original nucleus has a mass of 222 u, what speed does the alpha particle have when it is emitted? a 9"} . *1. r ...
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