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SCAN0040 - 1 A wooden board is 2.0 m long and has a mass of...

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Unformatted text preview: \_ 1. A wooden board is 2.0 m long and has a mass of 10 kg. This board is supported at each end by cement blocks A and B. The board supports a 50 kg mass that is located 0.5 m from the block B end ofB the board. Calculate the force of the board on cement block A and on cement bloc B‘m / .— :3 y , +6: .0,gq’><bq,()2 50mm) a Haifa mg; mfififzm \ FA : (\m% ngz {:8 R - (mm 99160“? at)! 45) FA = ‘st ‘9le 2. A uniform horizontal beam that weighs 150 N is attached at one end to a wall by a pin connector that allows it to rotate. A cable firmly attached to the wall above the pin supports the opposite end of the beam. The beam is 4.0 m long and the cable is attached to the wall 3.0 m above the pin. a. What is the tension in the cable necessary to keep the beam horizontal in equilibrium? b. What are the horizontal and vertical forces on the pin. 4 g o . " 3 (a r q Lax T': (]Y\ S A “RX 7/ same) 1 = \2 w PH : @300st a) 4“ 2: C N ...
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