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SCAN0053 - 5 6 0r=v The siren of a police car at rest emits...

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Unformatted text preview: /'\. 5. 6. 0r=v The siren of a police car at rest emits a predominant frequency of 1600 Hz and the police car is overtaking you from the rear, at a speed of 200 km/h. You are proceeding in the same direction at 50 km/h. a. What frequency do you hear initially? b. What frequency will you hear, when the police car passes you and continues on at 150 km/h after you have slowed to 25 km/h to insure you don’t get in the way? During a training exercise a fast attack submarine making a speed of 10 knots approaches a missile submarine which is stationary (0 knot speed). The fast attack submarine then transmits a sonar pulse of 7.0 kHz. Upon hearing this pulse the missile submarine opens a torpedo tube door and increases speed to 10 knots in the direction of the fast attack submarine. Upon hearing the torpedo tube door g0 open the fast attack submarine reverses course and increases speed to 20 knots. After this maneuver the fast attack submarine transmits a second pulse at the same frequency. At what frequencies does the missile submarine receive the first and second sonar pulses? Assume the speed of sound in water is lSOOnl/s and that l knot is 2.0 km/h. 'Vm V’Va “"3 ~43. ...
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