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SCAN0057 - 51 An exit ramp from a freeway has a radius of...

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Unformatted text preview: /\ ' 51 An exit ramp from a freeway has a radius of curvature of 400 m and is banked at an angle such that a car exiting at 90 km/h will not skid on a frictionless road. a. Calculate the degree of banking required. N b. If the coefficient of static friction between the car and the road is 0.5, calculate the maximum speed that a car can safely exit the freeway. m—F-Q‘. T 2 Li'OOM fl)“: QQ [Cm/h: ZSm/$ b $8 ' Mensa? m?) (X. 5173: (j) \ 1 MNsme E‘fim‘. é NW6 = Nov/r “ is} l \ fifi'sv’s'; EVVQfl § \‘ ma “W To: ms ““3 ®= Mm ‘ 343 = “Noam \YD. MS=OIE {13 M3“ 30% 'vav ng~¥ $5 me: waxy/Y 19> WL/‘F NWB—QsMEB: W“; a? NWB~MNWS=M¢3 ll 400(qsflowts “M o s Mela cm @549 bid-400 Swmot) (“a = 35:50:35 580 m/s 0? 1‘10 ‘3 KT/h 6. A conical pendulum consists of a 0.6 kg mass attached to a 75 cm string that is at an angle of 370 with the vertical. The mass is in uniform circular motion in a horizontal plane l! a. What is the speed of the mass? b. What is the tension in the string? ...
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