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SCAN0014 - 4 A block of mass 75 g is attached to a solid...

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Unformatted text preview: 4. A block of mass 75 g is attached to a solid support by a spring. This mass is free to move on a frictionless horizontal surface. The motion is constrained to one dimension (along the x axis). At equilibrium the mass rests at the origin. A force of 15 N is applied to the block which compresses the spring until the mass is at x = - 8.0cm. The force is then removed. Calculate the following quantities: The spring constant, k. The velocity, v at x = 0, + 4.0, and + 8.00m. The acceleration, a at x = 0, + 4.0 and + 8.00m. The frequency, f and the period, T. Write an equation that specifies x as a function of t. M my: seam 0" V=k¢9¢ AY=0.0%W\ Vztsm 99.0.01» ...
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