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SCAN0018 - 9 A mass on a string of unknown length...

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Unformatted text preview: 9. A mass on a string of unknown length oscillates as a pendulum with a period of 6.0 37 What is the period if: The mass is doubled? T g“ Q The string length 18 doubled? ‘ The string length is halved? C3 The amplitude is doubled? a. b C. d. T INDEPEMQEJQT m ers 2) TJ 2T lgogl To< V =>J1rLi~E€TTxly>tpTfi~m 0t- b d :1 it _. : 2‘31 i _, l» _. i 4 a T - [NDEPEMQEDT‘ 0‘? AMP. éTWTE 10. The bow of a destroyer undergoes simple harmonic vertical pitching motion with a * period of 12.0 s and an amplitude of 2.5 m a. What is the maximum vertical velocity of the destroyer’s bow? b. What is the magnitude of the maximum acceleration? c. A 75 kg sailor is standing on a scale in the bunkroom in the bow. What are the maximum and minimum readings on the scale in N? C1. T: V1.0"; (A: 2.5m W2 3:}: ., ZTTH 0 2L} rod/S V T ‘17 — (UMW = KJCJR 2 o 5145(2. s): lLB‘ mzs! b" Qmm a Walk 2 ©,Q%Q m/SL 0.x \ S’ m ( 03'}: "T’Ckwxmy Nmm— ‘76 (a3+0c%e) lE 73(C’lg—OH‘2E) (584M H NM ...
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