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SCAN0090 - Pressures and volumes In the Heart Cardiac...

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Unformatted text preview: Pressures and volumes In the Heart Cardiac Output 0 The amount of blond pumped by each ventricle in one minute . The product of heart rate and stroke volume Heart Rate . The number of heart beats per minute Stroke Volume - The amount of blood pumped nut by aventricle with each beat (or stroke) 0 Stroke Volume=End Diastolic Volume — End Systolic Volume ~ End Dlasrollc Volume: Amount ofblood collected in aventrlcle during diastole . End Syslnlic Volume: Amnunt olhlond remainingin a ventricle afiereonlnction Cardiac Reserve . The difference between resting and maximal cardiac output (9‘ EKG measures the electrical activityof the heart. It P Wave: Depolarization of Atrium 53* QRS Wave: Depolarization of Ventricle ¢ Repolarization of Atrium *9 T Wave: Repolarization of Ventricle Heart Sounds a Sound: Lub—Dup * Associated with closing of heart valves e First Sound (Si): AV valves close and signifies the beginning of systole 5 Second Sound (52): SL valves close at the beginning of ventricular diastole . Maysplitinto two sounds - Pulmonary valve takes a little longer to Close. 6/9/2010 16 ...
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