Notes - No significan-Harm Principle • Good-Neighbor”...

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Globalizing Issues GLOBALIZATION o Has facilitated the transfer of these diseases: SARS, Avian flu, HIV/AIDS o Aids Over 3.1 million deaths from aids per year Economic Issue Security concern Need State cooperation and international organization o Theory All generall agree international cooperation is necessary. Liberals: International responsibility Realists: Individual state responsibility: state security Radicals: Another example of economic differential Developing world is being exploited because they are develeoping poorer nations o Environment: Conceptual Perspectives Collective Goods Sustainability Customary International Law
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Unformatted text preview: No significan-Harm Principle • Good-Neighbor” Principle-Cooperation Issues • Population: there is not enough resources to sustain the population • Natural resources • Pollution o Externalities o Ozone Depletion o Global Warming: Greenhouse Gases Kyoto Protocall: attempt to stabilize green House gases by reducing emissions by 5%. Human Rights o Human Rights: o First:individual o 2 nd : heatlthcare for individ. o 3 rd : rights of first and second generation but expanded to cover minority groupsa UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights(1948) o Universal human Rights? Cultural Relatavism State Sovereignty o...
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Notes - No significan-Harm Principle • Good-Neighbor”...

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