intl relations lecture

intl relations lecture - approp conduct. Define what count...

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Elijah Waring World-System Theory(Wallerstein) Core Most advanced countries in terms of development o Ex: U.S, Japan, most of Europe Periphery Non diversified economies. Poorest of poor countries. Semiperiphery Developing nations Radicalism and Iraq qar Would focuse on colonial system. o We wanted to secure an oil source. Constructivism: Everything about world politics is socially constructed o Our shared ideas and knowledge help us to form what we think of as a state Shaped by Elite Beliefs o They shape ideas and identities o Social norms. Norms are seen as a source of action. Generalized standards of behavior that shape collective espectations about
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Unformatted text preview: approp conduct. Define what count as a social activity. Power o Ideas about culture and language. Other Critics: Feminism Lack of women in IR Ann Tickner, Man, the state, and War: Gendered Perspectives on National Society. o Focuses on Realism and its perception of national security. o Men see natl differently then men o Hobbes theory is built on a masculine view of the war. o Human nature is cooperative and conflictual. Does not make sense to only focus on one side. o Constructivist in Nature...
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intl relations lecture - approp conduct. Define what count...

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