Intl relations lecture 3

Intl relations lecture 3 - o Distribution of power. o Int....

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Intl relations lecture 3 Theory: answer why? Hypothesis: derived from theories o Much more specific then a theory. Levels of analysis Individuals o Focuses on charac. Of individuals o Personalities of leaders o The belief systems of leaders o How leaders perceive other individuals State o Charac of state such as society, population, gov’t, economy o Economic system Socialism, capitalism. o Population size. Ex: big states will do something that small wont do. o Culture o Internak stability o Nationalism. International system o Alliances, and how int. system is organized. o Charac of international system itself.
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Unformatted text preview: o Distribution of power. o Int. norms adm o Global distribution of wealth and technology. Stratification • Example WWI o Int system level Struggle for global leadership (Britain/germany) Rising challenger in germany o State level Strong nationalism and domestic problems’ o INDIVIDUAL LEVEL Germanys misperception of Britain • Example 2 yom kippur war o Int level Struggle for regional leadership between Israel and Egypt. o State level: Internal economic issues within Egypt Reclaiming lost territory...
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Intl relations lecture 3 - o Distribution of power. o Int....

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