KUNDU SIMULATION PAPER! - Waring 1 Elijah Waring 11/29/2010...

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Waring 1 Elijah Waring 11/29/2010 Pols 2250-01 Prof. Charity Butcher Kundu Simulation Reflection On the days of November 9 th and 11 th of the year 2010, Professor Charity Butcher’s International Relations class partook in a project which was meant to utilize the various aspects of the International System in a mock simulation. The primary conflict revolved around an internal strife within the nation of Kundu. The Induye and Arkutu people were on the brink of war. The Arkutu people made up 75% of the Kundu population and were in control of the government. On the other hand the Induye people were the minority group within the nation of Kundu, and were being politically and socioeconomically. As a result a radical group within the Induye people known as the IUF were preparing to stage a military coup d’état in order to gain control of the nation of Kundu. There were various international and domestic actors involved in this simulation. My particular group was made to represent the People’s Republic of China. In the simulation our role was quite fascinating because China was in a very unique disposition. China had secretly been supplying weapons and military training to the IUF, which made our country a direct beneficiary to the conflict within the nation. However, China has been steadily working to rebuild its identity in the international community following its transition from a primarily Socialist nation to a Democratic one. Since then, China has been working to embrace more democratic principles as a country. It is a prominent member in the World Trade Organization and the United Nations Security Council. From the beginning of the simulation, the Identity and International school of thinking are very much apparent. If the People’s Republic of China
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KUNDU SIMULATION PAPER! - Waring 1 Elijah Waring 11/29/2010...

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