Realist Critiques of Democratic peace

Realist Critiques of Democratic peace - Venez requested us...

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Realist Critiques of Democratic peace Limited Time Fram Constantly shifting definition of Democracy Definition of War o Fail to discuss coercion that falls short of war o Faulty causal Logic National security explanation Should look at an example where two democracies didn’t go to war. Trent Affair(1861) o Between Us and Uk Confederates sent reps to uk b/c there was a blockade US intercepted ship in neutral waters and arrested the diplomats. U.S public opinion supported the action. Britain was pissed 1 st act of British : Ultimatum British public opinion was supportive Mobilized for war Lincoln backed down in two days Realists argue u.s backed down iin order to preserve peace. Not based on any type of causal framework suggested by Venezuelan Boundry Dispute (1895) o Started between Britain and Venez. Gold was discovered in venez. Brits tried to Gerry mander territory so they could get all the gold
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Unformatted text preview: Venez requested us assistance • Us intervened • Britain said fux u USA Grover Clevland calls british actions “willful aggression upon us rights and interests Britain backed down • Had an existing war • Rising germany was a bigger threat • Dispute with us was not beneficial for brits Crenshaw: Strategic Logic of Terrorism • Crenshaws primary argument o Terrorism is a rational action that is a reaction to lack of power in the means to obtaining a goal • Conditions for terrorism o Constrained in options, inbalance in power They lack numbers Time constraints- Terrorism is quicker then normal process • Easier way to get shit done Cost-Benefit Calculation Cost of terrorism • Might lose popular support because of their actions • Gov’t may crack down on them • Negative connotation on terrorism Benefits: • Instant attention • Lest costly...
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Realist Critiques of Democratic peace - Venez requested us...

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