simulation peer review

simulation peer review - other nations as well as providing...

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Elijah Waring Pols 2250-01 Simulation Peer Evaluations Elijah Waring: Grade: 98 I was present every day on time during the simulation. I felt that I was fully involved in all of the negotiations that went on during the simulation. I only did not give myself a 100 because I felt that Guillermo deserved a higher grade than me for being the team leader as it requires more responsibility. Samuel Obanero: Grade: 75 Samuel showed up very late during both days of the simulation. It was kind of tedious having to catch him up everything that had happened in his absence. Samuel also did not bring his preparation materials on the first day of the Simulation as well. However, once Samuel was brought up to speed he did provide some input in some of the decisions Team China made. Kevin Desai: Grade: 98 Kevin was present every day and on time. He cam to class prepared with the presimulation materials. Kevin was also very instrumental in negotiating treaties with
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Unformatted text preview: other nations as well as providing valuable input while the group was deliberating. Guillermo Dominguez: • Grade: 100 • Guillermo was very effective as a group leader for this project. He came to class prepared ad on time every day. Guillermo was also very proficient in combining the many ideas of our group and sorting out disagreements as well. I would be honored to work with him again on another project. Kareem Abass: • Grade: 80 • Kareem showed up late during both days of the simulation and did not come prepared with any of the preparation materials. He was not very involved in the process on the first day because he was not prepared. On the second day Kareem was present on time, but did not present many ideas during the simulation. He did contribute by becoming a scribe on a few occasions when we were writing up treaties with other nations. Marello Harris: • Grade: 0 • Marello never showed up to the simulation...
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simulation peer review - other nations as well as providing...

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