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Items List This box should contain only 15 items (including what is in the vial and not counting the paper clips). Please make sure that they are all back in here at the end of the lab: 1. A two meter copper wire (might be already coiled and stripped) 2. A vial containing: 1 nail, 1 small strong cylindrical magnet, 10 small paper clips, 1 screw
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Unformatted text preview: 3. A vial containing: 2 compasses 4. Magnetic field sensor with a plastic stand 5. 2 blue battery holders 6. 2 D batteries 7. 2400 coil Solenoid 8. A small piece of Sandpaper 9. A 10-cm electrical wire with both ends stripped 10. 2 connecting wires with banana clips Note: Please do not put lab-pro materials in this box at the end of lab!...
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