Diag Done - Jamie Goode English 125.206 Fritz Swanson...

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Jamie Goode English 125.206 Fritz Swanson July 21, 2010 [email protected] The Diag The diag is located in the center of the University of Michigan campus. It is a large open space, surrounded by a series of angular sidewalks all intersecting in the middle. Whether your destination is the Chemistry Building, the Graduate Library or Angell Hall, the sidewalks crisscross in a central area. The intertwined cement pathways weave together to create something intricate and stimulating. Beyond the diag being the most direct route to a specific destination, it serves many other purposes. It is an area to relax, meet friends, see people, be seen, or be heard by a large group. At any time throughout the day you can see students racing to class, parents walking with their children, people hanging out on the grass, or perhaps an innocent observer simply watching the chaos unfold. Teenagers speed by one another on their skateboards, too busy to see the world around them. The narrow strips of cement next to the tall buildings make a track to help the young child learn to ride a two- wheeler for the first time. The cracks in the sidewalk act as obstacles for bikers as they weave around them. Students scurry into a building as their next class is about
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Diag Done - Jamie Goode English 125.206 Fritz Swanson...

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