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Unformatted text preview: Forensic analysis of soil Forensic “Dirt to dirt and ashes to ashes” Case examples Case Soil on the clothing of a murder victim is obviously different from that in Soil the area the body is found the Red clay on the tires of a drug dealer’s car who resides in an urban area Beach sand containing marine organisms indigenous to a specific location Beach is found on the shoes of a rape suspect is Soil on the shoes and in the tire treads of a suspect contains pollen from Soil flora like that at a murder scene flora Potting soil like that from a particular manufacturer is found in the cuff of Potting a burglary suspect burglary Soil from a South American country is found in the tire tread of a Soil suspected smuggler’s airplane Rocks were substituted for guns in boxes for transport to a military outpost Rocks Collection, preservation and analysis Collection, Paper or cloth containers Knives, trowels, brushes or spatulas Testing protocol: Color Moisture content (how would you test it?) pH (what is it? How is it tested?) Ash content Particle size Density gradient (bromoform/bromobenzene) Microscopy (light, fluorescence, dispersion staining) ...
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