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Unformatted text preview: ng Pin Impression Firing Pin Impression Cartridge Case Individual Cartridge Case Individual Characteristics ►From Firing ► FP marks ► BF marks ►From ► Chamber marks ► Magazine marks ► Extractor marks ► Ejector marks Chambering Bullet Individual Characteristics Bullet Individual Characteristics ► Striations on bearing surface of bullet that are a mirror image of tool marks inside the bore of the barrel as a result of manufacture Bullet tank Bullet tank Forensic Comparison Microscope Forensic Comparison Microscope Other tools used Other tools used Test and Evidence Bullets Test and Evidence Bullets Test Evidence Individual Characteristics Individual Characteristics Inside gun Barrel 2 fired bullets 2 fired bullets Fundamentals of Firearm & Toolmark Identification Example of Individual Characteristics Example of Individual Characteristics from Manufacture Fundamentals of Firearm & Toolmark Identification Example of Subclass Example of Subclass Fundamentals of Firearm & Toolmark Identification Examples of Class Characteristics Examples of Class Characteristics Corresponding Blade Dimensions The Challenge to FA/TM The Challenge to FA/TM Identification ► Daubert – error rate, basis for identification ► Computer­based topographical study ► SWGGUN Fracture matching Fracture matching ► Science or not? ► Daubert...
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