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Blair, Sampson & Lee, Zhenchao Qian (1998). Family and asian students’educational performance. Journal of Family Issues . 19(4), 355-375. Finally a study that does more than mention the variations between Asian ethnic groups, this study focused on variation in educational performance among students of Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Southeast Asian and Japanese ethnicities. The findings were significant in that there were notable differences between these groups and that the variables of religion, a non-English speaking home environment, levels of parental education, number of siblings, family income and the availability of educational materials at home caused differentiation in student performance. This is a quantitative study and I do not fully understand some of the mathematical analysis models but the article is valuable in that it provides a good explanation of family characteristics among the five groups in the study. There is an especially helpful discussion of the cultural definitions of parent child relationships in the cultures. The article has a bibliography with several helpful suggestions for follow up readings. Cheryan, Sapna & Bodenhausen, Galen (2000).
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Annotated+Bibliography+Sample - Blair, Sampson & Lee,...

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