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STUDENTS IN TRANSITION SEMINAR (STS) Scholarly Journals vs. Popular Magazines When conducting research, scholars often rely on articles from scholarly journals rather than popular magazines. See the table below for a list of some differences that exist between these two types of resources. Characteristics Scholarly Journal Popular Magazine Appearance Sober and serious May contain graphs or charts Will not find glossy pages or photographs Attractive appearance Advertisements Heavily illustrated Glossy paper Audience Scholars and students General audience Authors Scholars in the field of study Reporters, usually not experts on the subject Documentation Sources cited in footnotes and/or bibliography Sources not cited or cited informally Purpose Report results of original research or experimentation
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Unformatted text preview: Provide general information Article Acceptance Procedure Many scholarly journals are "refereed journals" - they undergo a process called "peer-review" where other scholars in the field examine the articles before being published. Written by hired reporters, edited by magazine editors, and published. Examples American Journal of Psychology Journal of the American Medical Association American Quarterly Psychology Today Newsweek National Geographic Duke University Libraries: Biological & Environmental Sciences Library | Divinity School Library | Ford Library | Law Library | Lilly Library | Marine Duke University Libraries. (2007, June 22). Scholarly Journals vs. Popular Magazines . Retrieved September 4, 2008, from
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