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Advanced Organizational Applications 01:713:404 Spring ‘11 B267 Lucy Stone Hall Dr. Hyndman ( [email protected] ) ( 732-445 –6640) Office Hours Wednesday 11:45 to 12:45pm or by appointment Room A133 LSH Course Description This course is designed as a "capstone" learning experience for the Minor in Organizational Leadership. As such, you will be expected to expand your use of the theoretical and practical knowledge base of leadership theory and group dynamics in your analysis of readings, class projects and other assignments. You must assume a high degree of responsibility for your learning experience both in and out of the classroom. Course Readings Required Texts - The Leader’s Companion, edited by J. Thomas Wren (ISBN 002874091) and Positive Organizational Scholarship, edited by Kim S. Cameron et al. (ISBN: 1576752321) Supplement Reading including web sites will be given in class. All readings (The Leader’s Companion is listed as " LC" and Positive Organizational Scholarship as “POS” in class topic section below) should be completed prior to the class where that subject matter will be discussed. Methods of Instruction and Assessment The course will combine lectures, discussions, online reviews, a team project and presentations. Attendance and class participation are required. You are responsible for any announcements and for all content discussed in class if you are absent. Leadership Analysis Project: In teams of two, you will interview an educator, business or community leader. Through the interview process you are to determine: The purpose, goals and values of the organization; The vision, goals & objectives of the leader; Leadership styles practiced; Effectiveness and challenges of the leadership approach used; and relative level of organizational success attributable to the leader The team will present a 5 min oral presentation and each team member will individually prepare a detailed written analysis (four to ten typed pages) of your leader. The presentation and analysis should included
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