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Theories of Feminism: Contemporary Engagements 988:302 Fall 2010 Wednesday 10:55-1:55 HCK-216 Professor Ethel Brooks Ruth Dill Johnson Crockett 212 Office Hours: Wednesday 2-3 and by appointment E-mail: <[email protected]> Description What is the relationship between feminist theory, subjectivity and everyday forms of domination? Feminist scholars have pointed particularly to the racialized and gendered nature of theory and the possibilities for critique in the name of feminism. This course will allow students to engage the complexities of the feminist theory through the prism of one seminal text: “Can the Subaltern Speak?” by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. We will read Spivak’s text using her own methodological approach –reading it “against the grain,” and engaging it in a “deconstructive embrace,” while also reading it genealogically through the texts it references and those it influences. This will involve a careful reading of texts that have informed the work and those that have drawn from the work, as well as an exploration of the racial, gendered, sexual, national and global manifestations of feminist theory. In the course of the semester, we will have the chance to interrogate the visibilities and invisibilities of feminist theory, its impossible subject positions and the possibilities and perils of feminist theorizing. We will explore the kinds of conceptual work feminist theory can do for scholars, activists and workers, the gendered, raced and national histories of theoretical production and reproduction, as well the local, national and transnational manifestations of theory –who gets to claim it, citational practices and its mode of production. If we consider theory to be the site of both the production and reproduction of
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Feminist+Theory+FALL+2010 - Theories of Feminism...

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