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401 class notes - 4/7/09 FDRs Pearl Harbor Adress to the...

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4/7/09 FDRs Pearl Harbor Adress to the Nation Persuasive Field: -started when Hitler invaded Poland in 1939 -US had signed a series of neutrality acts, -had lent/leased equipment to Britain, the USSR, in exchange for access to strategic military bases -through 1941, the tensions were heating up with Japan, about whos gnna be the big dog in the pacific. We froze their assets in the US. Japan saw these acts as majot threats to the Japanese navy -on Dec 7 th , the new york times ran an extensive article detailing the strength of our forces versus the strength of their forces, and the forces of the Chinese, etc. -they bombed Hawaii, we made it a territory in 1889, we were only using it for a naval base -abt 2400 ppl died. Damage to 8 battleships, 2/3 of the aircraft in the pacific was destroyed as well -bc it was conducted on a Sunday, it was much more damaging -8am Hawaii time -everyone knew he was going to congress to ask for a declaration of war the next morning Rhetor: -he is now in his third term of office -a reasonably popular president, largely led us out of the depression -his fireside chats, ppl trusted him to explain to them the events of the world -this speech was well suited to him bc they all trusted him in times like these policy claim: the US congress should declare war on Japan fact claim: he says we have been at war w Japan for a day now already inductive reasoning: these small examples lead to the general point that were at war, like where he says Japan attacked… evidence: jap govt has deliberately sough to deceive the US -there are no stats in this speech, but we get vague statements, bc the stats were alredy in the papers, and the stats were not that accurate at that point, and he doesn’t need stats to add weight to his speech, hes the president - withheld-proposal sequence: we know that his major claim comes at the end -spatial sequence: we have all these clear geographic places, and theyre getting closer and closer to the US, hes reorienting us spatially, he starts w Hawaii, and moves on to Malaysia, and is spatial to the extent of how it is organized on the map, but most of the audience doesn’t know this geography. So its really lightly spatial narrative sequence: future and past tense verbs in the introductory paragraphs, which sets the tone for the rest of the speech, bc after those first 2 paragraphs we get a lot of past tense. Then in paragraph 14 we switch to future tense, and the audience went nuts, and then we go to the present a little bit for the last few paragraphs -this speech was so well received that it is bc of this speech that FDR was successful in reframing our position, and that we were the ones that were attacked
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4/16/09 What situational characteristics do inaugurals share? 1- they take place at the capitol bldg, on the steps of the capitol, they used to be
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401 class notes - 4/7/09 FDRs Pearl Harbor Adress to the...

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