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Broome1 Erica Broome Comm401 Paper 2 Barack Obama’s speech was one of the defining moments of the 2004 Democratic National convention, and it established his specific rhetorical styles and patterns which fare seen in his speeches today. Through his use of ethos and pathos, and his style of inductive reasoning, Obama brought to the audience’s attention many of our national problems and the promise of a better future without them with the election of John Kerry as President. The Presidential nominees of this election were the incumbent President, George W. Bush, and the Democratic nominee, John Kerry. A major issue going on at the time was the War in Iraq. President Bush’s approval ratings had dropped as the occupation in Iraq lost support and casualty figures increased, and many Americans were unhappy with the war and with Bush’s actions as a wartime president. A major issue that was also focused on in this election was that of national security. Bush had been recently accused of failing to fulfill his required service in the Texas Air National Guard, whereas Kerry had been challenged on the legitimacy of the medals awarded to him in the service and was accused of exaggerated claims about his own service in Vietnam (Stein 3). Bush’s amendment to prohibit gay marriage had been defeated, and making college more affordable had emerged as a major domestic issue. The No Child Left Behind Act as well as the Patriot Act had been recently passed, and the concerns surrounding the job market created an important campaign issue as well (Stanley 1). This speech relies heavily on the rhetorical tools found in ethos and pathos. The ethos, which makes known the credibility of the rhetor, and the pathos, which appeals to
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Broome2 the emotions of the audience, were what made this speech truly reach the audience. He uses a lot of pathos in the beginning of the speech, while discussing his unique origins and the progress he as well as his family has made in this country. In paragraph 4, he
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401 paper 2 - Broome1 Erica Broome Comm401 Paper 2 Barack...

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