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Broome 1 Erica Broome 3/12/08 Comm401 Paper1 The Presidential election of 1984 was an historic and consequential one for our country. The Republicans and the Democrats were head to head in the issues concerning the national budget, the current foreign policies, and the state of our nation’s economy. The general popularity of President Reagan at the time of the election made it hard for the Democrats to take the opposing stance that they did. The Democrat’s strong liberal ideas and Democratic nominee Mondale’s selection of a woman as his running mate created a clear and undeniable separation between their campaign and that of the Republicans. After reading the speech of Mario Cuomo at the 1984 Democratic National Convention, it is clear that he sought to win this election through spotlighting Reagan’s “tale of two cities”, using specific patterns to illuminate the President’s neglect of the middle and lower classes. Governor Cuomo’s speech was delivered on July 16 th at the Convention in San Francisco. This speech of his is an incredibly famous speech, and was one of the most memorable speeches at the convention. The exigence of this speech was that the incumbent President, Ronald Reagan, a man who created a record budget deficit and an economic system that benefited mainly the wealthy, was about to be reelected as President for another four years. The persuasive field at the time focused largely on economics and nuclear threat. Reagan’s near-assassination greatly increased his popularity and his economic plan was unanimously approved by Congress shortly after. Reagan also created a missile defense shield against possible Russian attacks on the United States, which had helped to stop the spread of communism outside of Russia and Eastern Europe. Also, in the middle of Reagan’s first term, the economy had dipped, creating record budget deficits, but by the time of the election of 84, the economy was starting to pick itself up again (Safire, 116). Overall, Reagan’s popularity was indisputable and many referred to his first term as the “Reagan Revolution”. Governor Cuomo as a rhetor fought for and stood for those who were most similar to him. He was born of Italian origin and his family owned a store where he grew up in Queens, and he attended his local public school, living a simple life as a city kid with foreign parents (National Review, 12). He served as New York Secretary of State and later as the Governor of New York. A major resource of Cuomo at this convention was his birth and his childhood. Growing up as a
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Broome 2 son of struggling parents who had little money and little resources, he was able to reach out to those in the same situation and to explain to them that he knows what it feels like and how
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401cuomo2 - Broome 1 Erica Broome Comm401 3/12/08 Paper1...

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