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324 reaction 1 - Erica Broome 2/17/09 Comm324 Reaction #1...

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Erica Broome Comm324 2/17/09 Reaction #1 To think of the definition of a man and a woman used to be a simple and clear task. At the start of this semester what seemed to be an issue of black and white turned into one of a million different colors. Little did I know that a woman is not just a woman, but could be a liberal, radical, cultural, power, or lesbian feminist. I simply thought a feminist was a feminist. Nor did I know that a man could be a profeminist, a masculininst, or a free man. I was pleasantly surprised and simultaneously enraptured by the endless movements and causes that have created the gender-aware society we have today. The women’s movements, which came in three separate waves, really did a lot to change the way we view ourselves as women and our importance in society. The Seneca Falls convention was the first step, and was a bold and courageous move for American women, viewed to be the weaker species of the time. They had no role models and no predecessors, so the pure gut and strength it must have taken them to take that first step forward left me in awe. The Radical feminists took an important step as well identifying the problems with the
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324 reaction 1 - Erica Broome 2/17/09 Comm324 Reaction #1...

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