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324 reaction 4 - Erica Broome Reaction #4 Established...

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Erica Broome Reaction #4 Established gendered relationships vary from person to person. Different gender roles are decided, and the way in which they are carried out is dependent on the two people working to make the relationship happen. I chose to interview a friend and her boyfriend of three years to examine the gender roles in their specific relationship. When talking to my friend Samantha, she explained to me the way in which gender roles were decided in her relationship. She mentioned that her boyfriend, Rob, has always taken up the responsibility of planning events, weekends away, dates and anniversaries, and all other important things they do together in the relationship. He also cooks for the two of them and will always do the driving on long trips. Sam on the other hand, keeps him in check by telling him to do his work and to get an early night of sleep on weeknights. Although Rob takes care of the logistical things in the relationship, Samantha still maintains the feminine role of nurturing and problem-solving, and feels
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324 reaction 4 - Erica Broome Reaction #4 Established...

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