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Broome1 Erica Broome EDHD320 Professor Baker 10/7/09 The socioeconomic status of a family often determines and directly influences the quality of life of both the parents and their children. Your socioeconomic status is your social position and economic well being within your society. In many societies, a child’s parent or guardian’s SES greatly affects the quality of education they will receive in their early years as well as their ability to excel in school. I chose an article from the New York Times that successfully illustrates the disadvantages of children of lower SES in the area of education. The article, “Children Who Live in Public Housing Suffer In School”, by Manny Fernandez, speaks about the affect of New York City’s public housing on young children in school. The study found that students living in public housing are more likely to drop out of high school and less likely to graduate in four years than those who do not live in public housing. It also showed that those students living in public housing did worse on standardized math and reading tests than others. The researchers suggested that public housing’s culture of poverty offers young people such as these students few role models to stress the importance of education, limits their resources and exposes them to crime or widespread peer pressure from those not doing well in school (Fernandez). The article very clearly points out the importance of a child’s home environment and influences, and the importance of a role model in their lives.
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Broome2 There are many factors surrounding a child’s socioeconomic status that affect their everyday lives. The earlier poverty begins, the deeper it is and the longer it
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edhd320 paper 1 - Broome1 Erica Broome EDHD320 Professor...

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