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edhd320 paper 2 - Running Head: Juvenile Delinquency...

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Running Head: Juvenile Delinquency Broome1 Juvenile Delinquency Erica Broome University of Maryland
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Running Head: Juvenile Delinquency Broome2 Juvenile delinquents are and have been for some time a largely debated topic in our culture. They are children or adolescents who engage in illegal acts. In today’s youth, 12 to 17 year olds account for a substantial proportion of police arrests, about seventeen percent in the United States. Police arrests and self-reports show that delinquency rises over adolescence, and teenagers are responsible for about 13 percent of violent offenses in the United States. This is one of the major problems of development, and is highly correlated with school performance, rejection in childhood, self-image, and many other factors present in a child’s development. I chose an article from the New York Times that discusses the question of juvenile delinquency and the issues with imprisoning a child who is still not fully developed. The article “How Old is Old Enough” talks about the difficulties of separating boys from men and girls from women and the problems with setting a standard age for the transition from juvenile to adult. It discusses the thought that the threshold that is set is to protect the welfare of the child, like with statutory rape laws and even movie ratings. However, as the article explains, at the same time that we do not want to hurt young people, we also don’t want young people to hurt us. Sometimes the rules are determined by things that are more selfish than helpful, such as economics. For example, a law school financial aid office can dictate that a young person is expected to lean on her
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edhd320 paper 2 - Running Head: Juvenile Delinquency...

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