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Broome1 Erica Broome 9/29/09 Engl301 Paper 2 The Heavenly Road To Hell Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 129” is one that speaks about the powers and consequences of lust in the life of a man. It is a complicated poem, and has been rewritten to speak to younger generations. However, there are often many key words and punctuations that become lost in translation, and Shakespeare’s original intentions may have been lost along with them. This essay discusses the sonnet as Shakespeare himself would have written it. The poem begins with “Th’ expense of spirit in a waste of shame.” Here Shakespeare is describing how “spirit” is “wasted” at the expense of “shame.” Spirit is portrayed as the cheerful energy of the soul, which has now become something refused, destroyed, and worthless as a reaction to the disgrace and dishonoring of it. The next line introduces the agent of destruction, lust. Lust in “action” is lust in operation or performance, meaning sex, and lust “till action” is the anticipation of the deed. There is no semicolon between these two “actions” because they are both at the expense of a man’s “spirit.” The following line continues on to characterize lust, and to explain how it is “perjured”, or false and deceitful, murderous, bloody ,full of blame, savage, extreme, rude, cruel, and untrustworthy. The fifth line explains how as soon as lust is enjoyed, it is straight away despised. There are no semicolons at the end of the fourth or fifth line, for these descriptions and explanations of the evils of lust are all part of one continuous
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engl301 paper2 - Broome1 Erica Broome Engl301 The Heavenly...

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