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Engl437 final exam

Engl437 final exam - Erica Broome Engl437 final exam 1...

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Erica Broome Engl437 final exam: 1. These characters are memorable, but they can only be understood in relation to the minor characters that help “fill out” the books weve read. Choose a minor character from one of the texts on our syllabus and answer the following question: “What is the significance of this particular character to the work as a whole?” Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: the grandfather The way in which Oskar’s grandfather is unable to cope with the tragedies of his life serve to illuminate all the ways in which Oskar learns to become able to cope with his after meeting his grandfather. Through the contrasting ways in which they choose to treat the past, and though their shared inability to connect with other people, the grandfather serves as a means to help Oskar see the truth and begin to heal. - Oskar's world is a very vivid, intense, visual one, while his grandfather's story is withdrawn and reclusive. - Oskar’s imagination and inventions serve as a contrast to the grandfathers willingness to give up on life - - The grandfather helps to point out the ways in which Oskar will be able to create a life for himself in the ways in which the grandfather could not . In an effort to help them gain back a part of their lives that they lost, the grandfather is doing it in a passive way in which he is accepting life for what it is while Oskar is doing it in an active way in which he is trying to deny the past and believe that it can still change. Although most of Oskar’s inventions focus on the past, his whole life lies in his future, whereas the grandfather’s whole life lies in his past. - “it’s a shame that we have to live, but it’s a tragedy that we get to live only one life, because if id had two lives, I would have spent one of them with her.” (133) (to Thomas) - in this letter to Thomas, the grandfather is reflecting on his choices and realizing that if he could do it all over again, and if he hadn’t suffered as immensely as he did, he would have chosen to spend his life with her. - Oskar, once he has developed a connection with his granfather towards
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the end of the book, comes to a realization that the grandfather was never able to until it was too late. He realizes that the most important thing to him is what he has left, which is his family, and rather than pushing them
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Engl437 final exam - Erica Broome Engl437 final exam 1...

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