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comm400 hw1 - video for the viewer. 3. none 4. The...

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Erica Broome Comm400 9/24/09 Professor Turner HW 1: 1. The concept represented by the independent variables in this study is the affective level of the visuals in the counterargument and rebuttal sections, meaning the amount of disgust present in the visuals. It is meant to measure the affect of disgust as the primary emotion in persuasion. 2. There are four dependent variables in this study: The attitude of the viewers towards animal experimentation, the attitude towards people who support animal experimentation, source evaluation, and the intensity of different negative emotions felt while watching the video. The concept represented by these variables was the affect they had on the persuasiveness of the
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Unformatted text preview: video for the viewer. 3. none 4. The extraneous variables in this study are the gender of the participants as well as their incentive for participation. These could be considered nuisance variables, as they influence the participants reaction to the disgust and subsequent attitude change. 5. The conceptual definition for the independent variables focuses on disgust as a protection mechanism for the body and soul, and how it motivates the viewer to turn away his attention rather than capture it. It is the physiological reaction to being too close to an indigestible idea or object, and the tendency to avoid or get rid of the disgusting object or image....
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comm400 hw1 - video for the viewer. 3. none 4. The...

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