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terror Abstract

terror Abstract - based on reason for the attack and type...

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Abstract Adapting Washington D.C. Structures to Potential Terrorist Threats: A Completion Report Prepared By: Luke Petrocelli, Omer Bhatti, Erica Broome, Nick Patcella On October 8, 2010, Luke Petrocelli, Omer Bhatti, Erica Broome, and Nick Patcella commissioned a study to develop an extensive and detailed report outlining the measures which the Capitol’s architects and engineers need to adapt in order to insure the well- being of its population among eminent terror threats. Preventive measures can and must be taken in order to make sure that some of the Nation’s major buildings are adapted and prepared for any type of outside attack. The AIA will use its resources to fully analyze, research, and report on Washington D.C.’s structural and infrastructural systems in order to better prepare building designers, construction crews, and engineers for unprecedented and unexpected terrorist attacks. First, we researched the different types of terrorism,
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Unformatted text preview: based on reason for the attack and type of the attack. We then described the impacts of a terrorist attack, putting them in categories of social, economic, and personal impacts. We then researched the existing structures in the D.C. Metro area in order to rank them based on levels of risks based on their political status. We ranked The White House, The Capitol Building, The Supreme Court, The FBI Building, and the Library of Congress, in that order, from highest risk level to lowest risk level. Next we outlined and detailed ways in which to adapt the structures with the highest risk levels to a higher security detail in the event of an attack. Finally, we measured the threat level, the vulnerability of the building, and the potential impact of a terror attack on any of the 5 structures listed above. MAJ RECOMMENDATION. Keywords: terror, Washington D.C., risk level, security detail, architecture, impact...
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